Financial Management

The financial module for financial functionality and analysis reports for different departments and cost centers.

Supplier and Purchase Order Management

Production planning, inventory control and the supply chain process.

Inventory & Material Management

Identifying inventory requirements, setting targets, providing replenishment techniques and options, monitoring item usages, reconciling the inventory balances and reporting inventory status.


Human Resource Management

Solutions for many different sub-systems under the HR: The subsystems are personnel management, organization management, payroll management, time management and personal development.


Engineering Change Note, Shop Floor Control, Sales and Distribution Plan, Master Production Schedule, and more.

Any requested modules and integrations

WEB-POS Interfaces, WAREHOUSE, Logistics, Budgeting, Mailing and many many more...

Discover great features

Any CRM modules
for your requirements

Enterprise Resource Planning as the name suggests is a technique that helps you get the best out of your business with proper management of your resources, business activities, product planning, cost, manufacturing or service delivery. It is a technique that helps you save a lot of money and save the most out of all your resources. If ERP is not implemented in an organization, communication will go to-and-fro from department to department and also leave a long paper trail. Main purpose of an ERP solution is to connect all the different department and provide relevant, accurate and updated information at all times.

We create web-based ERP systems - extremely flexible and customizable platforms. It manages main business processes: sales, operations, finance and HR, increasing productivity, reliability, and efficiency.

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Our Team

Wizard Rule is an it business management software development company established in 2015.
Wizard Rule products have been developed in close cooperation with customers to offer tailored complete business cycle solutions with unlimited expansion capabilities.

Tatiana Voloshin

4 years in business development, project management, customer relationships and account management.

Alexey Us

Founder, 8 years of professional experience in Web-development(HighLoad, BigData); expert in IT solutions, Rich Internet Applications, ERP Systems, Mobile Platforms and Software Development.

Andrey Kikot'

5 years in web-based projects development and technical support, 2 years in logistics and warehouse management, 4 years of customer relationship management and support managing distributed teams.

Our team delivers full product support to the customers at every stage. Our goal is to help you save time and efforts, improve business performance, increase operational efficiency and boost profitability.

Even more great features

Completely responsive and secure

We will create a comfortable user-friendly interface designed specifically for your company and provide secure application kernel

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Support and Personal Documentation

We will troubleshoot to fix any issues that may arise as soon as possible.
We will provide detailed documentation for each application features for users

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More and more extra great features and benefits

Increased Productivity

Since all the data can be accessed from one location, it easier for the employees to manage and perform day-to-day tasks.

Managing day to day activity made easy

Moving to cloud reduces the cost of managing and maintaining servers. Reduces the overhead costs like IT staff, power, data storage and bandwidth

Improved decision making

ERP in place will give easy access to the data, hence making it easier for the management to take crucial decision with ease. This is easy for the management as all the data will be of quality and updated.

Reduced Operation cost

With ERP, all the department’s system are connected to one integrated system. By integrating, the organization can do away with the issue of duplicate data or information. ERP also reduces the production cost and the inventory cost.

Wizard Rule is a software development company and IT service provider established in 2015 and serving clients all over the world.
Wizard Rule provides unique it solutions, concepts and vision.

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